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      1. About US

        Company Profile

        Canton Fair Exhibition Design & Construction Co., Ltd. (“CFEDC”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary directly under China Foreign Trade Centre  Group, Ltd. (“CFTC”) as an organizer of China Import & Export Fair. Based on the development vision of being a leading service provider that is commensurate with the “top-notch exhibition” and “top-notch base exhibition institution” and continues to enhance the brand influence of the exhibition/exhibitor, CFEDC is committed to providing the excellent, safe and effective services to exhibition centers, exhibitions and exhibitors, improving the service level of exhibition centers and facilitating exhibitions.
        CFEDC has served the China Import & Export Fair Complex and super-large exhibitions such as Canton Fair, CIIE, CIFF and CBD for many years. We boast a team of exhibition professionals in various fields, and have accumulated experiences in exhibition center operations management, display and conference/event planning, exhibition organization & invitation, booth design & construction and exhibition site management, forming a relatively complete exhibition service and management system. The company has effectively integrated the exhibition service related suppliers and formed a complete service supply chain to fully provide the end-to-end integrated solutions to exhibition centers, organizers and exhibitors
        CFEDC is presently making efforts to explore and promote the combination of digital technology and display services and enhance the effect of online display of enterprises in various ways, helping enterprises convey deep cultural philosophies and brand values!

        Corporate Culture

        ●Corporate Vision

        To be a leading service provider to enhance the brand influence of the exhibition/exhibitor.

        ●Corporate Mission

        To enhance the service level of exhibition centers and facilitate exhibitions.

        ●Corporate Values

        Innovation, Integrity, Professionalism, Safety, Effectiveness, Team

        ● Business Philosophy
        • Integrity Oriented: We regard integrity as the lifeline of the enterprise and firmly believe that only an honest enterprise can build a sustainable business.

        • Customer First: We firmly believe that only by actively solving problems for clients and thinking from their standpoint can we undertake more mission.

        • Green Development: We actively respond to the national ecological civilization construction, implement the philosophy of green development, focus on green exhibition and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

        • Keep Improving: We firmly believe that innovation is the soul of the continuous progress of an enterprise while innovation cannot be separated from the unremitting pursuit of service quality improvement.

        Qualifications & Honors

        A-level Taxpayer

        Credible Enterprise

        Guangzhou Headquarters Enterprise

        Key Enterprise in Haizhu District,

        Grade I Qualification for Exhibition Engineering Enterprise of China Association for Exhibition Centers

        Grade II Qualification for Exhibition & Display Engineering Design and Construction Integration of China Association for Exhibition Centers

        Grade III Qualification for Construction Engineering General Contracting

        Grade II for Building Decoration Engineering Professional Contracting Enterprises

        The Member of China Green Convention
        & Exhibition Alliance

        ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification

        ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification

        ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification

        The “Huading Award” for China Building Decoration Association

        The “Green Custom-build Booth Award” for Previous Sessions of Canton Fair

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